Sunday, January 10, 2010

All about timing?

Things are slowly falling into place. My apartment is becoming more cozy, starting to work again(not work-work, but tiny-job-work-wise) and this week training finally started again. And this is more than necessary. I need my routine again: it is 1.30pm and I am still in bed...

I started reading the fashion blog of Elin Kling, who is a Swedish fashion journalist for channel 4 ( She is a year older than me, worked as a model, another year in finance, as a stylist for Idol 2009, she opened her own VIP room at Sturecompagniet, fahion journalist for Expressen, and this year she will be one of the candidates in Let`s dance. Well, and I am unemployed and happy enough to not be homeless.

This got me started thinking: is it all about the right timing? Being at the right place in the right time? Elin Kling's career started when she was discovered at a hotelreception and got a model contract. Sure, she is a very pretty woman, but still, does it all come down to luck? What is the best education worth if you don't find a job and on the contrary some people, who never got any kind of job education have a steep career? Of course Stockholm is simply the perfect city to chat about fashion, designers and the outfit of the upcoming evening. Though if you wanna change the world this is certainly not the way to do it. However, she belongs to the category of B- or C-prominence in Stockholm and especially now is quite popular as a stylist all over the internet and TV. I somehow still have the goal to do something meaningful yet fun. But who doesn't?

So the question is, if everything comes down to the right timing and a good portion of luck, do I just need to be patient? Wait until everything magically falls into place? Mmmh seriously, I don't think so, I cannot sit and wait: I wanna DO stuff! Ok, maybe not on a Sunday noon after a hard weekend ;-)

Perfect song for me to savour the lovely sleepiness and tardiness of Sundays:

Oh and yesterday evening during pre-party we had a lot of fun with a crazy witch-like lady: Kate Bush. Certainly not party-party music but seriously, what a voice, what a dance, what a face expression! Oj!

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