Sunday, January 3, 2010

The woman living in her shoes...

As Carrie Bradshaw once expressed her horror, so did I have to face my inner freak: I am going to become the woman living in a shoe! At the point when I started packing up my shoes into boxes, it seemed like my closet is neverending, like Santa's bag. More and more shoes came out of the closet. A male friend of mine asked me, what I am doing with all those shoes: I wear them! But to be honest, I am not too sure I really do need all of them.

Those are things I am going to take care of as soon as everything is in the new place and I unpack everything. I cannot wait to get rid of all the stuff that I did not remember I had and certainly don't need. Moving seriously has one big advantage: being forced to go through all your stuff and sorting out rubbish. Moving can be so incredibly relieving. I wonder what would have happened to my place if I wouldn't move every once in a while, well, eight times in the past 6.5 years. My sister already described me as a borderline-slob, but I believe she just said "borderline" to be nice. Every single time when I packed up my things I was swearing at myself why the hell I kept so many useless things. I love to call them "memories", but the best memories are not some stupid tickets of a concert but the pictures you take with your mind or memories that come up when looking at a photo or when listening to a song. The rest is simply going to flood your homes.

But why is it so damn difficult sometimes to let go of such small, unimportant things? Why are we sometimes keeping certain clothing items, although they are already tattered, discoloured and sometimes simply ugly?

One thing is for sure, I need to figure out a way to not flood my place again with stupid things, sorting things out before they end up just laying around. And another thing seems to be of major importance: before I go shopping again I need to sort out my closet. And for every new item that enters my closet, at least one old needs to go. That is my big fear of tomorrow: packing up my clothes, and I only have four boxes left. That is never going to work!


  1. Also wenn du Schuhe loswerden willst, ich wüsst da jemanden der ihnen ein schönes neues Zuhause geben würde...*pfeif*

  2. I simply love your writings! That's all I wanted to say.

  3. haha, guter plan^^ allerdings bezweifle ich dein durchhaltevermögen, weil DAS shirt nämlich ganz bestimmt nochmal gebraucht wird - bei der nächsten gartenarbeit auf jeden fall...oder für die nächste renovierung...oder... ;-))