Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lesson learnt or "just give it a try"

Sometimes I am wondering, if we should always go for "lesson learnt" and never repeat a certain action again, just because we failed once. Is a failure in something at the first attempt always a reason not to try again? I don't think so. Some things might work out at the second or third attempt, but when is it enough with trying? When should we conclude a failure with "lesson learnt and I will never try again"? I am referring both to work and private life...

When can you actually judge somebody as naive for keeping on trying to succeed in a certain matter and when can you admire somebody for his/her persistence?

Right now I am a little frustrated with a task at work, where I keep on getting "no" as an answer from cooperation partners, however I keep in trying - also because I kinda have to. But when should I draw the line and accept the no and maybe try again at a later point or not at all? Same goes for relationships: when should I start listening to my gutt feeling? When should I stop trying because my gutt tells me "Watch out, this is how it started going down the bad road the last time - let him go." After all, everyone is different, right?

So the question is: follow your instinct or just give everything a try despite the guttfeeling?

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