Sunday, August 2, 2009

Getting started again...

It's time for a blog again. This will be a place for general thoughts about people, fashion in Stockholm (for Marlee in a country far, far away), Stockholm nightlife and whatever might happen in Sweden. Sometimes all I need is a valve for all the musing, absurdities of the everyday life, fun stuff like fashion, music and nightlife and other things that fill our lives and make them exciting.

This weekend a lot has been going on in Stockholm, first of all the colourful "Stockholm pride parade". Summer is also the perfect time for all kinds of outside-bars, which mostly have good live-music and don't cost any entrance. Sometimes just arriving early can save you a lot of money, which instead is well spend in the happy hour.
Since the sun is shining outside RIGHT NOW, I better leave the tiny room of mine immediately.

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  1. Stockholm sounds nice. I've always wanted to go there!