Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Muse in Stockholm

One of my most favorite bands of all times, Muse, played in Stockholm last Saturday. I decided super-last-minute to see them and got lucky, as a few tickets were available again after the concert has been sold out for weeks. The seat, yes... seat, was in a crappy position as I thought from looking at the seating-scheme of Hovet. When arriving at Hovet and at my lovely seat, I was positively surprised: Since Muse used a round stage I had a perfect view onto the stage, well and at the crowd as I was nearly opposing them.

They started playing pretty early, so at 8.45pm and the first two songs just gave me goosebumps. What an amazing band! Their show was impressive: a shiny black stage with lasers and spotlights all around, cubes that could be moved up and down with videoclips projected onto the sides, cubes hanging in the air also playing videoclips... It was amazing. At the end of the show securities brought huge white balloons and threw them into the crowd. Once the balloons popped, confetti was exploding over the heads of the exciting crowd. This was yet another moment when I was happy sitting high above that spectacle. And of course I only managed to sit still during the first song, in the beginning of the second song I couldn't sit anymore. Luckily my seat was right behind a passage way, so I at least did not disturb anyone with my standing. Seriously, sitting during a concert?! Nothing for me!

So and since my camera, that had been broken for over half a year, that I send in for fixing, but when arriving at the camera service they could not find anything and send it back to me without any fixing but a nice bill, is now working perfectly fine again, the videos below are in a pretty nice quality. Small electronic devices seriously hate me!

Being in the best mood after the concert, I went to Debaser Slussen... as usual on Saturday evening. The music was absolutely great, despite the weird DJ guy. He hates Germans and lets everyone know it. Well he can like or dislike anyone he wants to, but him being German himself makes the whole thing a little odd.

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  1. send it back to me without any fixing but a nice bill, is now working perfectly again...

    Svenja, sounds to me like they fixed it :)