Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And back again...

My week in Germany passed way too quickly. For the first time in a very long time I really enjoyed myself in my hometown. I met so many friends, some of them I haven't seen in ages. I had some major flashbacks to my schooltime and the summer after graduation which in retrospective was one of the best ones ever. Knowing, that I have about three months to do whatever I like, having fun and simply enjoying life without any thought about the future but at the same time knowing, that I have a letter of acceptance for university in my pocket, made this time really special and absolutely fantastic! Apparently having a certain time window, a limitation to a certain period of time, seems to make it all easier to enjoy. From time to time doing nothing can be so damn good, but not knowing, when this doing-nothing-period ends kind of takes away the fun-part.

Christmas eve also turned out to be the best in years. I don't know why, but maybe the absence of presents helped a little bit. This year we simply decided, that we skip the whole christmas stress and instead try to relax and enjoy the food and each other's company. In my opinion, we definitely suceeded.

I also managed to do everything that I planned to do, like sorting out my old stuff and getting rid of some of my old furniture. My couch found a new owner and my old closet is going to furniture heaven. Going through the boxed I discovered old photographs, games, toys, schoolstuff, diaries, tons and tons of old clothes and shoes: it is pretty impressive how much stuff we tend to collect over the years. The good thing is that with every moving we have to face our collections and sort things out. On the one hand it is shocking, as I suddenly saw myself as a borderline-messy but on the other hand I could be proud of myself when I looked at the full bags of rubbish. Now I "just" need to do the whole procedure once more with my student-room in Stockholm.

Now I am on the ferry, waiting for the departure. My car is fully packed with furniture, decorations, kitchen stuff and food. I am dead tired and fell asleep in the car twice while in the waiting line for the check in, fortunately the trucks woke me up when they started their heavy machines. The weather conditions have been slightly better than on my way to Germany, but the first four hours were also very slippery-snowy. It started snowing half an hour before I got going... all the other days: dry. Someone up there has it in for me... Let's hope the streets in Sweden are ice-free so I can go home fast. Time for sleeping now.

Wish me luck!

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