Thursday, December 10, 2009

Little by little...

... finally there is some motion coming into the deadlock of my past weeks: I finally got an apartment thanks to my lovely friends Eva and Anders. I am now a proud hirer of one sleeping room, kitchen (my own!!!) and bathroom. So glad, it is actually the first real flat that I am renting on my own. I was getting so incredibly excited, about changing the interior and some minor things, but apparently times are getting busy. I had a friend visiting, currently have two jobs, still looking for a full-time job, need to get my car fixed the third time this year and my training. This is of course my own choice, but I really need sports to be balanced. In total I have positive stress but I would love to finally take care of the apartment and somehow end up not finding the time. End of next week I am driving down to Germany to pick up a few things of my old stuff and of course celebrate christmas with my family. I am counting the days! And the good thing about this year's christmas is that my family and me decided to not go crazy about presents and rather spend some relaxed time with each other... and eat a lot of course :-) We all need a time out!

I just booked the ferry as I really don't fancy driving 17 hours on my own. Pricewise it doesn't actually make such a big difference, which I find very surprising. Nonetheless it will be a 20 hour journey with 12 hours driving, yuck!

However, tomorrow is finally the day: I have absolutely nothing booked in and therefore I will go and buy paint for the kitchen drawers as they are in a very disturbing blue and I will check again for a lovely wallpaper for the hall. I already keep my finger's crossed that my car can leave the shop tomorrow so I can take a ride with it.

The evening is also dedicated to calmness: the final of Idol!!! I would have loved to see the amazing Erik Grönwall live in Globen, but I think then I would just realize how childish my excitement about Idol is when surrounded by 13-year old screaming teenager girls. Besides my dignity I would probably also suffer an akute hearing loss.

Saturday then will be the day when I finally get started in the apartment. Can't wait! Get rid of some of the old furniture inside, painting, enjoying having my own place, all the good stuff. Now I should actually finish an application that I started about 12 days ago. Damn, time really flies sometimes.

Have a good evening and don't forget to watch Erik Grönwall :-)

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