Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh what a trip!

I left Stockholm on Saturday early evening right after 6 hours on the market with -10°C, although my ferry was leaving from Trelleborg on Sunday late afternoon. Due to the very winterly weather conditions and constant warnings about foreign trucks on Swedish motorways with bad summer tires I decided to leave early. The first three hours of my ride weren't pleasant at all, I don't even remember having seen such a winter before. Tons of snow, the snow plough cannot work fast enough and barely any vision at all. Surprisingly I still made it all the way to Malmö, where I arrived round 2am. Fortunately there was also a nice hotel right next to the motorway so I did not have to search for long.

The next day, after taking a nice 9 hour sleep I went to the car, which was covered in about 30cm of snow. In my opinion this is quite a lot, especially for Skåne. Global warming and its effects: even in Germany winter has arrived, my hometown is also experiencing snow, which has not happened for a longer time. I hope though that there won't be so much on the motorway. Now it is 11.30pm and my ferry is supposed to arrive at 0.45. I am tired and still have some four to five hours of driving ahead of me. I am not too psyched. I already tried to kill time by watching Ice Age, which is a shockingly short movie when you plan to be entertained as long as possible... but it was the only movie besides Planet Terror that I still had on my mac. Afterwards I tried to sleep a little in the café as I did not book a cabin. In general this would have worked well if there weren't the drunk Dutch truck drivers singing from the top of their lungs. I cuddled up on a couch-like bench anyway but got woken up a little while later by the sound of a camera being switched on. When I turned around and lifted my hoodie from my face one of the truckers made a run for it. He was apparently standing behind me trying to take a picture of my back...Disturbing and disgusting! With that incident I decided to give up the thought of getting some sleep and since the café just opened again I got a cup of coffee instead. As I never drink coffee the effect is immediat: nervous and fully awake like a squirrel! I am listening to a very funny christmas cd right now, with cheesy Swedish christmas songs and comedy versions of christmas songs mixed with the usual christmas stuff (Mariah Carrey, Wham). My favourite right now is "Ho ho fucking ho" by Monty Python and "Jul igen" by Just D... although the South Park Christmas song also got its charm :-D Can't wait to sit in the car again to sing as loud as I can... of course just to keep myself awake ;-)

The past few weeks have finally been busy: Trying to arrange my new place although admittedly I am not doing as much as I want to. I applied for a job in Oslo as well and put a lot of effort in that application (with the support of my sister and friends) to make it as perfect as possible. This job would be incredible! And until I hear back from them and know if I am staying in Stockholm or not I don't want to invest to much money and time into this place. I don't really think I have particularly big chances to get the job but at least I cannot blame my application. It was actually one of the best ones I send so far. So people, keep your fingers crossed! I really need to start working now, earn money, live the life of a grown-up plus I really WANT to work! Though I don't want to leave Stockholm, but with a youth-unemployment rate of 30 percent, tendency rising to 35 percent next year, I cannot be too picky about the place, plus Oslo is not too bad either.

Working two jobs, having a friend visiting, writing applications, getting my car fixed (3 days in the shop and nobody could find an explanation for my battery constantly dying) and of course shopping at IKEA: my first real own bed, no bed-sofa, no futon, a REAL bed! My first night in the flat should be awesome!

Half an hour to go until Travemünde, finally. The coffee kicks in and hopefully the effect lasts some more hours. Otherwise Erik Grönwall's single and the new Mando Diao single in constant repeat have to do their job.

And off I go!

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