Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Me like?

Well since I am unable to survive without music, I also always try to find new songs, old bands, songs that touch me and I am always most happy if I discover someone really really good by coincidence.

Latest discovery is the new band of Liam Gallagher. I am really not sure if I like it, it just sounds too much like Oasis (which I ADORE) but still not quite as good. Liam's voice is simply too recognizable but everything else is just not convincing. Same same as Oasis but still different.

Then my long-time favs Beatsteaks have released their new album. I am sorry, but I am so disappointed. I always loved them but somehow I had higher expectations after years of break. What a shame, was so looking forward to that. Still love Arnim's voice, still love just staring at him, but... it is just not enough... yet. Maybe I get there after a few more times listening to it.

Then I also realized very late that Gogol Bordello had released a new album last year. Since the wonderful balkan-wedding of Svetlana and Andrea I discovered balkan and gipsy music even more for me, like Shantel and well, Gogol Bordello :-)

I am trying to get used to Berlin (I know, I have heard often enough that I should feel damn lucky to be here) so I opened the concert season again and spend all my spare money on concert tickets. Coming up: Friska Viljor, Kaizers Orchestra, System of a Down and I am still considering getting Mando Diao tickets.

They are just too big in Germany and I am not sure if I am still able to stand in a teenage girls crowd. Always so exhausting and impossible to listen to hear the music with all the screaming. Unfortunately all tickets for Robyn in March are sold out. Maybe I can find a spare ticket somewhere... Would be great!

Alrighty then, time for sleep and sweet dreams. xx

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