Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trying to be strong

I am trying out new approaches. Approach number one: trying to be reasonable. Meaning: taking a job that I did not really want, moving to a city that I swore to myself I would never move to, resisting the travel urge in me that wants to join my lovely friend Michaela, who has just landed in Bangkok and will spend the next 3 months traveling around in Southeast Asia, and my handsome friend Pedro, who will go to Bali for a month.

Although there is nothing else I wanna do RIGHT NOW but leaving this city and see the wonderful places on earth, I have to stick to one thing for once. Stockholm has not exactly been easy in 2010. I had found a job which turned out to be awful and boring, frustrating and depressing. So this time I had no high expectation of the job but was positively surprised by the atmosphere and my co-workers. There is a lot going on in this company. Every other week we are meeting after work for some drinks, there are Christmas parties and Christmas bonuses, there are bonuses for good work, there are plenty of opportunities to develop within the company and so on. So maybe it is not the worst thing to be reasonable for a change (though the travel bug is quite intense...)

Maybe I just need to stick to one thing for a change, see if I can last for half a year or even a year before I follow another dream. First traveling for a while and then moving to Istanbul. You cannot imagine how badly I fell in love with this city. I have been there a couple of times now and can say with absolute certainty: I wanna move there for a while. Luckily a friend of mine from Stockholm, who is half Turkish is also considering leaving Stockholm and moving to Istanbul. That would be truly amazing.

Three weeks ago I started taking Turkish lessons, which I enjoy a lot. The language is quite demanding because the whole structure is kind of upside down in comparison to Swedish and German. However I am enjoying it a lot. Last weekend when I went to Istanbul again I had my first mini conversation with a taxi driver, which went quite alright. Since he made a few compliments, which I understood, he was expecting to get double the money than the journey costs... nice try!

The mentality will surely be very difficult in the beginning, but with some determination (which I definitely have) I think this will be an amazing adventure. It is something to look forward to.

This is basically the key how to survive a rough patch or in my case a patch of reason: creating the light at the end of the tunnel. I am back to writing applications for Istanbul and planning my summer. I bought several concert tickets for Friska Viljor, Kaizer's Orchestra and System of a down. I am also planning on going to the Capoeira workshop again in Portugal. The best vacation one can have: training, sun, heat, beach, playing instruments, meeting exciting international people, clubbing... just pure perfection!

First things first, I need to find another apartment again within the next 5 weeks. My landlord apparently got kicked out by wifey (so he says) so he needs his apartment and me and my roomie need to move. In general it is not so difficult t find a place t live in Berlin, but I REALLY don't want to get a place of my own, I rather just move with my 2 suitcases. I cannot be bothered to buy furniture as Berlin is just supposed to be a stop over for me. I still got plenty of moving boxes in Stockholm, which I need to pick up next month so I rather keep everything light while in Berlin.

I keep you posted how that works out! Now out into the sun!

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