Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two birds with one stone

As I had written before I am taking a Turkish class since a couple of weeks. It is going quite alright although I get a knot in my brain every once in a while. The whole language structure is completely upside down in comparison to English, Swedish and German. I have a very nice teacher, who has all kinds of advise how to get vocabulary into the brain. Right now our whole apartment is plastered with sticky notes saying "fridge", "light switch", "door", "shoes", "mobile" and so on. The tricky grammar stuff is at the bathroom mirror as I spend a little bit more time over there. Since I put the numbers, grammar structures and conjugations there two positive side effects occurred.

1.: I brush my teeth longer and even use mouth wash again just to spend more time in front of the mirror, trying to memorize everything.

2.: My roomie also learns Turkish now. I bet she can count to 10 by now :-)

Another advise of our teacher is to use index cards for vocabulary on to always carry it around, for example on the bus or subway. I admit, I am a little geeky from time to time, but I decided to do the language course thing right from the beginning. So I am actually one of the geeks on the subway studying with index cards. And it actually works!

If I had had the same ambitions back in the days in school I probably would have understood French. But right now just the sound of that language makes me gag (sorry, I got nothing against French people, I just dislike the language!).

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