Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life's too short

We all have had those moments in which we realize: "Hey, life can be short!" You'll never know how long it will last, you better make good use of it.

By a weird coincidence I found out that my 1998 summer camp "boyfriend" died half a year ago in a tragic car accident. Just a few weeks before his passing away we had started getting back in touch again, sending messages to each other and updating each other on what had happened in the past years. I was already wondering why he has not replied but figured that he is busy.
Here I was sitting, pittying myself to be in a city, that I don't like, being single again, wondering why I did not follow my dream to become a journalist and blah blah blah. These sad news certainly helped to snap out of it. We all only have this one life, and we will never know how much time we have left. So we better make sure to make the best of it and live it to its fullest.

Thank you dear friend for reminding me of how precious life is. I hope you rest in peace.

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