Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Easy steps to find out, whether or not this is a week to stay at home...

My week started already a little sleepy, as I worked on the weekend. Being completely convinced that my compensation day (one day off in the week before and one day after the work weekend) was on Tuesday, I made plenty of appointments for that day. The most important thing though was to sleep long as I had the feeling I was trapped in a bubble of sleepiness. 7.55am I receive a call from work: "You know that your compensation day is tomorrow, right?"... Good start into the day!

Today after work I had my language course again. I barely made it to my tram, got off at the wrong stop, had to walk to the closest subway station, missed my train by split seconds, realizing, that I only have 5 minutes left until the class starts but still a 20 minute journey ahead of me, I decided to go back home and study there. That is the moment when my next challenge was waiting for me: getting home. I took the tram which I thought was right, after 10 minutes of journey I got the hunch that it was the wrong tram, I got off, started walking around a little just to realize: Damn, it was the right tram! To look at the bright side, I could at least entertain my sister while I was chatting with her on my way home.

Unbelievable! That is when I realized, that it is maybe time to go home before I start hurting somebody or myself.

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