Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh happy day!

After bad times, come good times. This is probably something we can rely on. And I finally hit the turning point. After something that felt like an eternity I finally spoke again to my BFF in a country far far away. This wonderful girl got engaged to somebody, which makes her an even happier person than she has already been.

You know, sometimes you meet a person and you immediately know that this person is your soul mate. And this person is Ana. I miss her everyday and even though we sometimes don't speak for months, when we finally find the time to catch up it is as if nothing has happened and that we last spoke yesterday.

When we finally skyped a couple of days ago she told me her whole beautiful engagement story. It is so good to know that there are men out there, who would do ANYTHING to make their chosen girl the happiest girl in the world. He put so much thought and romance into the beginning of a new chapter of their lives together that it makes me speechless. And in the middle of this fairytale like story Ana asked me if I want to be her bridesmaid. This was the cherry on the cake and I just burst into tears. I feel so honoured!

Ever since that evening I feel so happy and cheerful. Whenever work gets annoying (yes, I had to work the entire weekend) I just thought of Ana's voice and the most beautiful questions that she could ask me and I feel happy again. Thank you darling for letting me be part of your love story! :-*

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