Sunday, March 6, 2011

The perfect way to start a Sunday

Yesterday a friend of mine came to visit. We did not go out that long yesterday, but being woken up by the awful children from the family living above me (awful because they are the loudest human beings I have ever experienced) at 9am I thought "wuuuäääääähääääähääääh". Opening the curtains I could see tons of people enjoying the bright sunshine. Admittedly I had to squint my eyes at first, but what is better than waking up and seeing sunshine, having the feeling that spring time has arrived? Nothing! Even terrible neighbour children cannot spoil that mood: hopping out of bed I was lucky enough to receive a very nice message and I started listening to this amazing song:

Watch the video! Oahu with all its beautiful beaches (and surferboys :-) ) 

So far I managed to take a long walk down Kastanienallee, along Bernauer Strasse with the leftovers of the Berlin Wall, I climbed up a watch tower so I could see the graveyard and the wall from the top, I walked across the flea market at Mauerpark, got myself  a nice juice and walked back home. Now I still got plenty of plans ahead and I got the feeling that an amazing Sunday lies ahead of me!

Enjoy your weekend!

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