Saturday, April 2, 2011

I don't like violence, but...

... when it seems so justified like in the case of this Australian school boy I cannot do anything but cheer. What a brave boy, fighting back after years of mobbing and torture! When you have a little sibling who has been given a hard time at school although he would never harm a fly you just develop empathy for those poor sufferer.

Teenagers or school children in general can be so awfully cruel and I am so glad, that I am not in school anymore nor a teenager. I was lucky enough to never have been picked on and in general school time was rather easy-peasy for me (could have had better grades but hey, I guest I was busy with other things ;-) )

Besides the skinny moron being evil, I am also wondering why nobody has lost a single word about all the teenies standing around and filming this and cheering on the idiot child punching the poor (until recently) helpless Casie. How can you stand next to something like that and cheer? And how can you not have a better idea than filming this?

The skinny boy decided that he should also use the publicity his violence has caused and claim that he is the real victim. Sure, I agree that this videoclip has caused a big media stir and the pressure for the 12-year old offender and his family must have been immense, but claiming to be the real victim just goes too far. He started this thing and the only one to blame for the pressure being put on him and his family is himself. Everybody is responsible for his or her own action. Be aware of the consequences of your actions! This boy (hopefully) learned this lesson!

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