Sunday, April 24, 2011

Times are changing....

....once again.

Sorry for the bad updating but I cannot seem to settle down. I have quit my current job and will start a new one once my 2 weeks notice have passed. In the new job I will finally have the chance to do what I studied: write, create events and interact with people. The only thing I am really nervous about is that I cannot live up to the expectations. Since I got some time to settle in the job and there will be a boot camp to get to know the company and my future tasks, I will soon enough know more :-) Immediately after I got the ok for the new job I received a phone call from an HR-woman of another company, something like a headhunter, asking if I was interested in a job. How is it possible, that I am waiting for something like this to happen more than 1.5 years and now everything is happening in just one week??? Being told to move out of the apartment, being offered a new job, agreeing to the job, being offered another job and quitting the current job: that is quite a lot happening in just one week!

Task number 2 on my agenda: finding and apartment yet again. I live in my current place since 4 weeks and now it is time to move again. Berlin flat market looks kind of alright though in comparison to other European capitals, also pricewise, but depending on the area, which one is aiming to live in, one can also stand in line in the staircase with 30 couples. Really motivating, I can tell you. I looked at a promising flat yesterday and I was also the first one to look at it. Maybe this comes as an advantage. Immediately after I looked at the flat I emailed the landlord. Please feel free to cross your fingers for me!

Hopefully there will be a decision on Tuesday.

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(Sorry for the stupid advertisement before the video... youtube has deactivated those videos for publishing on other sides...)

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