Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crazy days

Do you know that feeling? Sometimes nothing is happening at all and you feel restless because you wanna change something, just anything. And then there are times, when the 24 hours of the day just don't feel sufficient? Today is one of those days when I wish it had at least 36 hours.

Tomorrow I am moving house, yet again. I will also sleep over at a friend's place to avoid being homeless for a night. Wednesday I am flying to Stockholm, straight after work. Mainly to pick up my things or more having them picked up. I also want to meet up as many of my beautiful friends as possible, but at the same time it is impossible to plan anything because I still don't know when the moving guy is coming to Stockholm and picks everything up. Might be Thursday, might be Monday, God knows!

I am in bed and my head is just spinning around. I just want everything to move a lot slower. Somehow I am under the impression, that the world keeps on spinning faster and faster and it becomes more and more difficult to just enjoy the moment. Especially when good things are happening. You just want to stand still for a while, take a deep breath and inhale all the positive energy. Those rare moments, in which you actually HAVE the time to stand still, I mostly appreciate when they already passed by. Like last Sunday, when I managed to take a 1 hour walk and just enjoyed the sunshine. This Saturday I was happy enough to have the best Saturday in a long time: I went to the ITB fair for tourism, on which I met up with a great colleague and friend of mine. Turns out, when you see exhibition stands of all those amazing places on earth, it is rather difficult to accept that you are bound to one place for a while. What makes it easier is to share those moment with someone who feel the exact same way. (Thank you dear Ivan)

Afterwards I met another colleague/friend for dinner. Geat food, great talk, amazing person! I finished that day with watching Melodifestivalen, the Swedish pre-round basically for the Eurovision Song Contest.  Being in a cosy apartment, with great company (Thank you J.), watching cheesy Swedish songs on a projector, having some nice wine: honestly, what could be better???

After such an amazing day I walked home with my feet burning badly (stupid idea to wear heels for a day on a fair...) and just felt happy!

So now I should catch some sleep, big day ahead!


  1. Your life sounds amazing, Svenja... Here's to "serenity in the whirlwind"!

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