Thursday, October 1, 2009

Graduate - now what?

After graduating there is a lot of time for thinking and of course for fun stuff. So besides hanging out with friends, travelling as much as possible and training I should also use some of my time to find a job and an apartment. Just a matter of time until SSSB will be kicking me, a non-student, out. The second part of the search is pretty difficult without "en fast inkomst", a real job. I sometimes wonder, when I actually entered the world of grown-ups... so damn serious!

The job hunt is not easier either: just read in "Stockholm city" that the unemployment in Stockholm has been rising a lot again: AWESOME! Perfect time for me, a German person with imperfect Swedish skills and non-English native speaker to search for a job. Well, but it would be wrong to be all depressed, so I keep telling myself "Hang in there, can only get better".

So while searching the world wide web for jobs, I also read some German news and got irritated: there was a whole article dedicated to the pants of an actress. You might wonder why, well so did I: the clue about her pants was, that the zipper was in the back, right on her butt. SERIOUSLY??? Well, at least explains the article a lot, for example why Germans are not particularly well known for their sense of fashion or being daring fashion-wise.

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