Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rebellion of the small electronic appliances

Maybe it's just me but I have the slight feeling that small electronic appliances hate me. Well it all started with my car, yes, this is certainly no small electronic device, but the whole rebellion must have started somewhere. After my car broke, I could somehow fix it. It was only the battery though, but nontheless a proud moment of mine to be able to fix a car. A small moment for manhood, a big moment for me! After some minor repairs I even got it through car inspection *woop woop*

However, afterwards the vicious circle started: my wonderful scanner/printer/copier all-in-one broke. The printer still functioning but no scanning. This is quite tricky with a machine like this, as when you exchange the ink cartridge it prints out a test page, that you are supposed to put on the scanner for the adjustment of the cartridge position...

The nice people at HP service center asked if the device was plugged in. Erm, well thanks for assuming I am a moron. Afterwards they gave me the advice to switch off the device and then turn it on again, then it should work again... It did not. They then concluded, that there must be a hardware problem and I should send my sweetheart in. At the same time I got warned, that if there is no guarantee anymore it might not be worth it to fix it. Of course I do not have a guarantee anymore, the all-in-one broke 2 weeks after the warranty run out. Seriously, how many electronic things break shortly after the guarantee time? It is also a sad advice to not get something fixed but instead buy something new, as this is the cheaper alternative. In what kind of throwaway society do we live? Fixing of things is not worth it anymore?

Well after my printer/scanner etc my beloved camera broke. It wouldn't communicate through pictures anymore but just beeps to me. Terrible, that I don't speak camera-beep yet, would love to know what is going on with my baby. It is now the 3rd time it breaks, the first two times were, unbelievable but true, within the guarantee time :-) Now I am seriously considering a new camera and maybe I should read some reviews before to see eventually existing problems with the device of my choice. I know, double moral standards, but hey, two repairs and it still breaks???

Well and today my Germany sim-card gave up. Yup, I can even make sim cards break. Awesome, tomorrow I am going to Germany. I searched for the stupid card for weeks, now that I find it is doesn't work anymore. Need to get a new one tomorrow.

This situation reminds me of Farin Urlaubs song "Dusche" with the difference that my household does not wanna kill me but rather commits suicide around me...

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