Monday, October 12, 2009

The horoscope conclusion

Alright, 11th October has passed by and nothing particularly exciting, well jobwise, has happened, still unemployed and no one offered me a job. To look at the bright side though I found a lot of jobs today, that I applied to. My fingers and hopefully some extra fingers are crossed.

Ok interpreting a horoscope afterwards seems a little bit like cheating, but if I want to keep up my belief in them, it could still be proven right. The horoscope said it would be "an important day in my career". Since the career was not further specified I could also apply it on my capoeira "career": my teacher "promoted" me yesterday by telling me I could now join the advanced group and by this leave the beginners group :-)

Admittedly this also proves that you can read the horoscope however you want to.

Well well, if I don't have a job career, then I at least have my sports career...

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