Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Horoscopes: complete bullshit or supernatural guidance?

I often read my horoscope and wondered, how it can be possible that it seems to match my situation word for word. Of course, there is the one explanation, that the writers of the horoscopes use such general terms, that it applies to nearly everybody, depending on where your mind is at. And the other, supersticious explanation would be, that we are in fact affected by the stars.

My horoscope, well the last one I read, told me, that on 3rd October my energy will be outworn. That was last Saturday and I was really beyond tired. I couldn't move anymore and just felt like going into hibernation. Ok, the two nights before I did not sleep much at all and drank a lot. It could have been coincidence, but what if it was written in the stars, everything was destiny? It also says that 11th October will be an important day for my career... we will see about that. Stars: BRING IT ON!

The stars also have an opinion about my health and my sport motivation: my health is in danger thanks to flu-planet neptun and instead of working out I should consider going into the sauna and do some stretching. And I really do feel weak, sick and not like capoeira at all...

People that do not believe in horoscopes might say, that everything is a big coincidence and wonder, how the stars could actually influence us. But seriously, how many of us could not sleep so well due to full moon? If the moon is strong enough to interfere with our sleep and influence the tide, why shouldn't the stars or their constellation have an impact on our lives? I am not saying that I fully believe in that stuff, but it is still worth it to think about it. I picked a certain magazine at a certain time and feel that the horoscope matches my life at this particular point. When I then try to find some other horoscopes for example on the internet, they do not quite fit. This would proof of course the people saying, that horoscopes are complete bullshit, but it also proofs the superstition, that we are affected by the stars and that all comes down to destiny: the particular, chosen magazine and it's horoscope matches me after all, right?

For the sake of completeness, there is a third option: the texts are written in a very general way and the gentle reader will interprete anything suitable into the words to make it fit to his/her own situation. It is like finding a horoscope that you don't like: then it is easily called bullshit. If you like what you read it might be right and oh wonder, the stars are right.

So does it in the end depend on ourselves? Is it the stars influencing us or are we making our own destiny?


  1. Stars? thats just stupid Helga. But I guess you're excused since you're a hot girl:)

    11th is a sunday? Let us know what happened! I am a strong non-believer :) Its a little bit, sad I know.. Great blog by the way!

    Hey, it could be that you just fulfill it after reading it. You should read it after and see if it fits then.

  2. There is in fact a 13th sign all planets, the sun and the moon must pass through. It's called "Opiuchus" and is ignored in astrology. Basically, if you're born under the sign of opiuchus, you get lumped in with one of the signs either side of it. Any influence it has on anything, which if astrology is right it would, is completely ignored.